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Debroah L. Savitz,

Tax Collector



Eldred Township Tax Office

Tel: (814) 436-7714

November 30th was the end of face value for the property taxes, and the taxes are now at 10% penalty which makes them more costly.  I normally mail reminders out in February, but because of the economy, I have decided to mail them in January.  This will give tax payers more time to get the money together.  Second notices will be mailed to anyone who has not paid their tax bill. The last day you can pay in my office will be April 14, 2023. After that date, I will have to send the taxes in to the Warren County Tax Claim Bureau.  

The Tax Claim Bureau will add a $15.00 fee to file each unpaid balance, which is $15.00 for County, $15.00 for Township, and $15.00 for School.  This would be a total of $45.00 added if none of these taxes have been paid.  If the bills are not paid timely at the Warren County Tax Claim Office, they will send reminders and the cost of mailing is added to your bill along with other coasts, such as ¾% interest monthly and any posting they may put on the property.   

If you have any outstanding Real Estate Taxes prior to the 2022 year or are receiving overdue tax bills from the Tax Claim Bureau, please call Phil Gilbert at (814)728-3415.  Phil may be able to help by setting up a payment plan to help you catch up.

If you have any questions, please call me at (814)436-7714 and I will try to answer any questions you may have.  If I am not able to answer your questions, I will direct you to someone who can.  If you would like to pay your taxes in my office you may do so, but please call to make sure that I am home or leave a message so that I can return your call to set up a date.  Also, mailing the taxes is another option.   
My goal is to help get people caught up so that you are paying the least amount that you have to, and not have the extra charges.   

Thank You,

Deborah Savitz

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