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The Eldred Township Recycling Program was started in 2006 and is open to any individual who would like to recycle.  A grant was applied for and granted to Eldred Township by the Warren County Solid Waste Authority to be a drop off site in Warren County.


The recycling program is running smooth except for a few exceptions.  We would like to remind residents using the recycling program that plastic bags or brown bags are not to be thrown into the bins with the recyclables, so please take the bags home with you as garbage.  These bags cause problems due to the plastic bags and brown bags not being able to be recycled and they must be removed.  Some other items that can’t be placed in the bins are cardboard, drinking glasses, mirrors, or window pane glass, cookware, motor oil bottles or bottle caps and rings. 


We do, however, accept magazines, phone books, newspapers, and newspaper inserts.  Other items accepted are #1 and #2 plastics only, clear glass food containers, brown and green glass, tin cans and aluminum cans.  The Township is encouraging residents to recycle but this is a recycling program only and no garbage dumping will be accepted. 


Due to the large amount of non-recyclable items being put into the bins, security cameras may be installed in the future and violators of garbage dumping will be prosecuted.  Help us keep our Recycling Program by not using it as a garbage dumpster!

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