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Sewer System customers may now pay their bills online using a Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or American Express credit card.  This service does come with a service fee charge (convenience fee) which is posted below.  This charge is collected through eNETPAY for their services.  This fee does not go to the township.  If you have any further questions, call the Eldred Township office at (814) 436-7654.

Sewer Customer Letter 2020

Dear Customers:


     Since the start-up of the Eldred Township Sewer System sincere efforts have been made to keep costs under control.  Due to rising costs of operation and maintenance in the last four years, such as DEP permits, electric, lab supplies, chemical costs, insurance and increased overall costs that have been beyond our control, as well as a decrease in customers we now find it necessary to increase the user rates to our customers.  The rates will be increasing $3.00 per month starting on September 1, 2020 to $48.00 per month.


     The sewer rate is based on the cost of operation as well as all sewer system users making prompt and on time payments.  The sewer system usage payment is due on or before the 1st of the month with a $12.00 administrative fee added monthly if not paid by the 20th day of the month.  Prompt payments are a savings to you as well as the Sewer System. 


     Another way to keep the cost of the monthly sewer rate as low as possible is if everyone follows the rules of never putting the following items into the sewer system which causes a lot of extra maintenance to the pump stations.  Baby wipes, sanitary napkins or tampons, diapers, household greases/fats, flammable materials, lubricating oil, strong chemicals, glass or any cloth materials of any kind should never be placed into the sewer system.  Another example of this is no sump pumps or gutters should be connected to the sewer system.  By following these rules, extra maintenance to the pump stations can be eliminated. 


     Please help us keep costs low by sending in your payments on time and following the rules of not putting anything in your sewer system that does not belong and will cause unnecessary problems and additional costs associated with extra maintenance. 


     Your cooperation in this matter will help us keep costs down.  If you should have any questions, please give us a call at the township office at (814) 436-7654.  By working together, we will see the best results and savings.  Thank you!


~ Eldred Township Supervisors

Sewer System History

The Eldred Township Sewer System was built in 2005 and the Sewer Plant is located on Wood Street in Grand Valley, PA.  The Sewer System provides services to approximately 140 customers in the township.


There is a drop off box located at the township building for your convenience, but please keep in mind that the payment received date is based on the date the payment was dropped off in the box not the date of the check, so back dating a check doesn’t mean it wasn’t late.  Please make sure your payment is in the box on time to avoid late fees, after all, there is already a 20-day grace period. 


If you should need to discuss payments or any other concerns, you may call the township office.  If you cannot pay your bill on time, please make payment arrangements with the Township before things get out of hand and legal actions are taken.                           


Please help with grinder pump maintenance by never putting baby wipes, sanitary products, grease / fats, chemicals, or cloth materials of any kind into the sewer system.  These items will cause the grinder pump to stop working and your red light will turn on indicating maintenance is needed.  If your grinder pump needs service and the red light is flashing, you should immediately turn off the power to your pump by pulling the breaker and call the township office to leave a message that your pump needs service.  It is your responsibility to report grinder pump problems to the township.  It is the only way we know there is a problem and your pump needs maintenance.  We appreciate your cooperation and help with these matters!