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Photos taken by: Sathya Durkac

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Eldred Township is located in Northwestern Pennsylvania and is the home to approximately 584 residents in Warren County.  According to the United States Census Bureau, the township has a total area of 36.1 square miles, all of it land which is largely comprised of forest and farmland.


The Eldred Township Supervisors meet monthly to discuss township issues during the Eldred Township Business Meeting.  The meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month beginning at 6:30p.m.  The meetings take place at the Eldred Township Municipal Building and are open to the public.  If a meeting date is changed, it will be advertised in the Corry Journal or Titusville News-Journal, and will be posted on the door of the township building.  The date change will also be changed on the list of events on the community events page on this website.



Did you know that Eldred Township was formed from Southwest Township on September 8, 1843, and was named in honor of Nathaniel B. Eldred?  Eldred was the President Judge of Warren County during the time that it was part of Pennsylvania’s 18th judicial district.  The credit of procuring the formation and organization of the township belongs to Samuel W. B. Sanford, who drew up, circulated, and pushed through the petition upon which the order of the court was based.  Sanford, one of the most prominent of Eldred’s citizens, came from New York State in 1838.  He took the most active interest in the affairs of the township at that time.  No township in Warren County was gifted so abundantly with perennial springs of water which made it a township rich with farming, when lumbering had completely made way for it.  From the time of the arrival of the first four or five settlers to the time of the formation of the township, immigration poured into the area.


Early industries were lumber mills and oil production.  Many businesses and stores were set up to meet the needs of these settlers.  The first mill in the township was built by David White.  The first store was kept by Stephen Mead on the White farm and opened during the oil excitement, about 1862.  As late as 1872 Grand Valley was known by its original name of Pleasant Valley.  Around 1877 the name was changed to Grand Valley.


After the construction of the Dunkirk, Allegheny Valley, and Pittsburgh Railroad, the site of Grand Valley became a thriving and promising village.  This increased the population in the surrounding areas of Eldred Township.  With the population growth came five stores, a hotel and a church.  The first school was built in Sanford and then increased to eight schools total by 1887 with the school house in Grand Valley having nearly 200 students.  This school is standing today serving as the Grand Valley Volunteer Fire Department.

Supervisors 2.jpg

James Wencil, Chairman

Thomas Wencil, Vice-Chairman

Christopher McKean, Supervisor

Secretary / Tresurer

Diana Maille


Matthew Maille

Eldred Township Receives Multiple Grants

Eldred Township received the ARP Grant.  The ARP Grant in the amount of $63,858.00 was put towards improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Plant and the Township Building.  These improvements were done in the 2023 year and have been completed.  This grant money gave the township financial help with much needed projects at the sewer plant, such as cleaning the reed beds out and disposing of the sludge.  The grant money also helped replace doors, insulate, replace siding, and add a new boiler for heat at the township building.  

Eldred Township is also pleased to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the Warren County Conservation District Dirt and Gravel Program for Low Volume Roads.  We have received this grant to upgrade a portion of Church Hill Road to add french drains, pipe, and gravel.  This road project will improve the drainage and erosion on Church Hill Road, as well as build up the roadway.  This road project will be starting as soon as possible in the spring of 2024.  

Additionally, Eldred Township has been awarded the Act 13 Warren County Grant in the amount of $54,000.00 in order to help with the replacement of the Chappel Hill Bridge.    This bridge project will be starting in the summer of 2024.  This project will help with emergency response and better traffic flow.  

Eldred Township continues to try and find grant money and financial help where we can in order to keep expenses down but still continue to make much needed improvements for our township.  

Emergency Alerts from Warren County Department of Public Safety

Vesta Alert is a mass notification system that allows Emergency Management Personnel from the Warren County Department of Public Safety and 911 to send urgent information to the public.  Vesta Alert allows Warren County Residents to receive emergency alerts on multiple devices.  There is no cost to County Residents to use this service.  To sign up please visit the County’s self registration portal at  You must have a valid email account to sign up for this service.  Questions about this system can be directed to, or (814) 563-2220 x32.

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